Confessions of a Woman Struggling to “even”

Sips tea… Can’t even!! Tries coffee… Nope, can’t even!! Brings out the wine… Nah, nah… Indulges in dog petting, baby admiring, meditation… hmmmmm, No… STILL CAN’T EVEN… The urban dictionary defines “I can’t even” as: “The complete… onset of the cessation of brain activity, brought under the presence of acute stress, which fully affects the … Continue reading Confessions of a Woman Struggling to “even”

Tears Dry on Their Own

Yep, this is one of those “why am I being too honest to the world” kind of days. I have been stuck in the living room for two days and the weather – apparently – is beautiful outside. I have seen the sun through the blinds and I stopped myself from self pity by typing … Continue reading Tears Dry on Their Own

Digging through the Mountains

I went camping  a week ago! Yep, I like camping. There is a lot to be said about being one with nature, even if it is just for a few hours, and getting to press that refresh button. I needed that! I was emotionally frustrated, physically and mentally exhausted and really just in need of … Continue reading Digging through the Mountains

Ode to finals week – productive procrastination (aka P^2)

I hate finals!!! Ok, maybe hate is a VERY strong word so scratch that. I don’t appreciate finals week very much. In fact, like many people, I just legit do not appreciate the act of testing for anything really. I am not competitive, I think competition results in conflict – ain’t nobody got time for … Continue reading Ode to finals week – productive procrastination (aka P^2)

Owning IT – thanks Adele

So Adele Just released details on her new album!!! Yes, what?? Those were my thoughts… but yes, yes that. Yeah she did. And I am excited? You think? Nah, actually, more than excited!!! Ok, so why does that matter so much? Does it really matter? Heck yeah… Here’s the deal, I first started listening to … Continue reading Owning IT – thanks Adele

FailureSHIP 101 – The art of failing well (or not failing at all)

So I was up here like, how do you even title a blog post about failing. I mean, come on now, who in the world would want to enhance their failure…ummmm, nobody that’s who. Unless, of course you are that random dead person who is given this option: to die or to FAIL to die!!! … Continue reading FailureSHIP 101 – The art of failing well (or not failing at all)