Sooooooo, I am doing a thing!!! I hear you right now, looking at your neighbor and being like: “what thing is she doing.” Yeah, I see you. Don’t act like you didn’t just ask that…. And I know your curious mind has you over there murmuring, “what thing are you doing Nosi?” So I will … Continue reading I am DOING.A.THING!!!!


Letter of Imperfection

November 27th, 2017 Dear sir/madam, I am writing this letter in response to the “Perfection is overrated” position. I saw the quotation, “the more perfect people appear to be, the more they’re probably suffering, beginning with you” and I feel my qualifications make me a great candidate for this position. The socially constructed perfection meter … Continue reading Letter of Imperfection


*Or, Excitement over Fear - Faith equations So I will be Twenty-Five in a Few days!! By few days I mean 10-ish, I’ll be 25 in 10 days (really, it’s 11 but 10 sounds cooler than 11 so yah)!!! I was telling my older sister how I’ve never been this excited about a birthday before … Continue reading #FakeItTillYouMakeIt*

The thing about insecurities

AKA thoughts of an insecure pretender. Hi, my name is Nosi and sometimes my insecurities overwhelm me… Ok, ok. That might be too much for you, so you can stop reading right here. Or not, that’s totally up to you. I am, right now at this moment (lol, gotta clarify there just so you know.hahaha), … Continue reading The thing about insecurities

That one Time I wrote Jesus a Letter – Excerpts from my journal

Disclaimer: Personal blog post ahead. Confession: Sometimes I question Jesus; I question my faith and I question the reason behind it all. I am glad, though, that Jesus can handle ALL.OF.IT!!! (I had to use multiple exclamation marks there so you know it’s an exclamation statement - I don’t even know if that makes sense. … Continue reading That one Time I wrote Jesus a Letter – Excerpts from my journal

Pressure… Thanks Jonathan McReynolds

Y’all!!! Sometimes pressure comes from the most random places - or maybe not THAT random because you see it coming - but still... Ok, Ok. Let me not get carried away. So I’ve been listening to “Pressure” by Jonathan McReynolds a lot. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT (Thank you, Thandwa, for … Continue reading Pressure… Thanks Jonathan McReynolds

Truth be told – Confessions of a struggler

(But why does it seem like I am always making confessions. Oh, well *insert shrugging woman emoji here*) Is struggler even a word though? Auto correct didn’t try to fix that so I guess it is. I got excited for a second thinking maybe I just created a new word for the “Nosi dictionary”. For … Continue reading Truth be told – Confessions of a struggler