Dear 26 year old Me…

Today, and today only, I claim to be wiser than you. Let’s just take a moment and laugh at that! We made it!! We made it to the other side of obstacle number 1(And by “obstacle number 1” I mean: all those “you should be married at 25” statements, hopefully, they realize that’s not going … Continue reading Dear 26 year old Me…



*Or, Excitement over Fear - Faith equations So I will be Twenty-Five in a Few days!! By few days I mean 10-ish, I’ll be 25 in 10 days (really, it’s 11 but 10 sounds cooler than 11 so yah)!!! I was telling my older sister how I’ve never been this excited about a birthday before … Continue reading #FakeItTillYouMakeIt*

He is ALWAYS Speaking

          Growing up, I was always told to watch what I do because, you know, God is always watching. I think back on it now and I think boy wasn't that creepy! Imagine the idea of this big, old guy with a long beard and a staff watching everything you do...EVERYTHING....CREEPY!!!As I grew up, though, … Continue reading He is ALWAYS Speaking