Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes

Y’all, it’s women’s month!!! Happy 31 days of KWEN APPRECIATION!!! The fight for womanhood never sleeps so here’s to the start of another year of fighting!! So, we’re doing things a little different this month. *You’re welcome*. I’ll be profiling one of the books in my reading list this year… Shonda Rhyme’s Year of Yes. … Continue reading Year of Yes – Shonda Rhimes


New Year’s Resolutions aka the thing I am not doing this year (Part 2)

Look at me doing the thing and ACTUALLY posting part 2! I am so proud of me *insert slow clapping emoji here - or would it be a gif?*. If you haven’t, check out part 1 of this post here (disclaimer, it is kinda long). So, just to recap, I decided I wasn’t making NYR’s this … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions aka the thing I am not doing this year (Part 2)

New Year’s Resolutions? Aka the thing I’m not doing (Part 1)

Woah, January is over already and I am shook! Seriously, I am trying to figure out where all the time went. It feels like yesterday was Christmas (which may explain why I still find myself humming Christmas music - sorry not sorry). Tomorrow (and maybe today for you) will see the start the month of … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions? Aka the thing I’m not doing (Part 1)

Pressure… Thanks Jonathan McReynolds

Y’all!!! Sometimes pressure comes from the most random places - or maybe not THAT random because you see it coming - but still... Ok, Ok. Let me not get carried away. So I’ve been listening to “Pressure” by Jonathan McReynolds a lot. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT (Thank you, Thandwa, for … Continue reading Pressure… Thanks Jonathan McReynolds

Tears Dry on Their Own

Yep, this is one of those “why am I being too honest to the world” kind of days. I have been stuck in the living room for two days and the weather – apparently – is beautiful outside. I have seen the sun through the blinds and I stopped myself from self pity by typing … Continue reading Tears Dry on Their Own

Reflections of a 22- year old!!!

So I have been 22 for a full day now and I am feeling like such a grown up!!hahaha... I woke up with a pimple even and I'm sure that was God letting me know I'm getting older...Older and wiser, right? Birthdays, I think, are the best times to reflect, to see what God has … Continue reading Reflections of a 22- year old!!!