Reconfiguring my Values: Human Values

So the questions, to myself - and maybe to anyone reading this - are: How do I live out the gold value in all facets of your life? How do I add positive value to the social “hierarchy of needs” table of those I do life with - how do I ensure I SEE people and what matters to them? How do I ensure that the humans in my life (and Mocha) know, through my actions, how precious they are? 


First Things First: Stephen R. Covey

So I have been slacking on reading this year. It has been a loooooooong year on the personal front and I find that my productivity dwindles when I am going through the most. I started “First Things First” by Stephen Covey possible at the beginning of my year ( It’s been a hard book to … Continue reading First Things First: Stephen R. Covey