Reconfiguring my Values: Human Values

So the questions, to myself - and maybe to anyone reading this - are: How do I live out the gold value in all facets of your life? How do I add positive value to the social “hierarchy of needs” table of those I do life with - how do I ensure I SEE people and what matters to them? How do I ensure that the humans in my life (and Mocha) know, through my actions, how precious they are? 


Reflections on Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please”

I love ready…. Like, I reaaaaaly love reading but for some reason I often find myself doing less and less of it. Especially when there’s a lot of other things going on. I think the C19 days have been interesting for maintaining habits and staying in alignment with goals and the vision. I pray that, … Continue reading Reflections on Amy Poehler’s “Yes Please”

First Things First: Stephen R. Covey

So I have been slacking on reading this year. It has been a loooooooong year on the personal front and I find that my productivity dwindles when I am going through the most. I started “First Things First” by Stephen Covey possible at the beginning of my year ( It’s been a hard book to … Continue reading First Things First: Stephen R. Covey

#BECOMING: the endless journey with ‘Self’

So excited for you all to read this month's blog post. Guest writer, Thandisisa Mazibuko shares what #becoming means to her... "Babe, may I write it [from] a feminine perspective... It's simpler for me [like that]" were her words when I approached her to feature this month... And write she did! This one is dedicated … Continue reading #BECOMING: the endless journey with ‘Self’

Thinking out loud

Sharing this blog post from a friend… Food for thought, you get to determine what output you get from life!!! Enjoy the read and go follow


Then I got inspired to write as 2016 starts. Happy New Year.

Life is either complicated or simple. It all lies in the lens that one chooses to view life. After all everything is about the choices made.

In life something is bound to go wrong. Wrong in this case is defined as something that you did not anticipate, something you do not like, something you did not plan, something that cripples whatever you were working on. Undoubtedly that brings disappointment, sadness and anguish. The choice then comes about on how you proceed from the situation. You can choose to accept that sometimes things go wrong, choose to learn from the situation, choose to understand what may have caused it to go wrong, find a way to prevent it from occurring again. You can also choose to blame others, blame yourself, hate the world and completely consume yourself with anguish…

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