He Knows How to LOVE!!

Oh yeah he does!!! So I’m betting you were all like oooh, there she goes spilling the beans about her lover friend. We wanna know who he is and all that sort of stuff… Well… His name is Jesus and man does he love me well!!!Haha, got you there (or if you saw that one coming, I apologize for being predictable to you). But seriously, I am in a season where the Father is reminding me over and over again how much He wants to love me and how I can learn from his love how to love others. This post is pretty much an entry from my journal, meaning that it might be more of a ramble than anything else but I sure hope it resonates with some. Also, be nice, journal inspired entries = personal stuff = oh my goodness I opened a window into my deepest thoughts = the Holy Spirit just telling me to “let it go” (can’t hold back anymore!!!) – see what I did there? Ha!!! here goes…

          Expectation creates disappointment. We are always so quick to place expectations on other people, to define them, who they are, based on what we see them as – how we expect them to love us, how we expect them respond to us. There is so much to be learnt in the way the Father loves us. He knows who we are, that we will disappoint Him, that we are not perfect and that we may deny Him sometimes – often times actually – but still He insists on loving us. So blessed by the love of the father towards me, the friend that he sees me as. He is one who never disappoints…

          That being said, putting expectations on people creates limitations: it limits who that person can be to you and how they can partner with you in this journey of life (I have come to realize that I enjoy using the word journey so of course it has to be in here somewhere right?). Also, putting expectations on people creates room for letdowns when they do not match up to the standard you have set for them, the expectation you have resolved, internally, they can ascribe to.

So the principle of love for you this morning, Nosi:

Love Unconditionally

Just as Christ loved the world with all its evils, which he hates by the way, you should not have to validate the love you give to others based on what they do or don’t do. Just go love, no limitations, no checks and balances.

Expect nothing

Because no one but the Lord is meant to fully meet an expectation. I mean, when it comes down to it, He is the only one who can read your mind right!!

Appreciate everything

Appreciation yields encouragement, which yields upliftment, which leads to joy and that breeds so much more!!!Appreciating everything including, but not limited to, the small things allows you to see the value in everything and, in turn, gives value to everything!!!

“And every second, every minute, every hour of every day I’ll say. My unfailing love for you will not be moved for you will not be moved. My unfailing love for you. And though the mountains be shaken and the hills be removed, yet my unfailing love for you” 

Jimmy Needham – “Unfailing Love”


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