Vision from THE visionary ~ Stories of Guatemala

           Today I realized a couple of things: First, that It’s been almost a month since we have returned from Guatemala (25 Days to be exact) and secondly, that I have been counting off how long we have been back.

           Basically -although nothing is basic about this, my high school English teacher would say- my heart is still in Guatemala and man am I ready to go back. In addition to that, though, I think that one of the reasons my heart is so drawn to the country is the relationships that I got to experience there and the people we worked with who are so passionate about their country and the dreams they have for its people.

When God gives vision

           During our time in Guatemala we had the pleasure of working with two organizations: DAR and Believe Guatemala. Although working in different parts of the country, with different kinds of vision, these two organizations were such a reflection of what it means for God to give vision.

           DAR works with a community in the rural town of Retalhuleu using the avenue of education. Through a school that was established there, they get to serve the children of that community through giving them an education, food and God’s love. Listening to the motivation and inspiration of the leadership there was mind blowing as it was such an example of obedience and doing what God directs. It was so challenging, even, to hear the process of carrying out this dream, the times that it was hard to say yes, the obstacles along the way, the hard times, the work that has to be put in to see things come to fruition. On the other end of that it was encouraging to see the fruit of it all: the breakthroughs that have been experienced by DAR, the lives that have been (and continue to be) changed by the school, the love that the staff gives to the children, the testimonies of hope and peace from the families whose children get to attend this school and, above all else, the joy, peace and hope in the children’s faces regardless of their home and family situations.

           Believe Guatemala, on the other hand, works with a community in Guatemala City whose main bread winning avenue is collecting trash in the dumps. Their vision (and this is my take on it, my understanding): to change the poverty mentality in this community by encouraging the younger generation to reach for their dreams and encouraging them, also, to thrive in their education and their relationship with God. Only 2 years old, Believe Guatemala is doing amazing, amazing things in this community and fostering the growth of future leaders of Guatemala and world changers too. Listening to the founder speak to our group, there was no doubt in my mind that he is passionate about what he is doing and is constantly listening to The Lord and going about things just as God commands with amazing results.

Working with these guys was such a testimony of what it means to hear from God and walk out what He speaks.

Hearing (and learning) from the Hearers

           Throughout the days spent in Guatemala, I was personally encouraged by the stories of Joel and Marlene. I felt like there was a certain internal push that the Holy Spirit was highlighting in my own life: that of listening and obeying. Hearing the struggles that come with wanting to live a comfortable life when God calls you into the uncomfortable and seeing the results of letting go of the former and pursuing the latter changed my perspective on the way I relate to God as well as my responses. I was inspired to resist the urge to be normal and pursue a new kind of normal with God. I was encouraged to stop looking at things the way my small mind sees them and, instead, to believe that when God gives visions He has every intention and capability of making it thrive.

           I vowed, to myself, that I will stop making excuses for the different parts of my life that God challenges me in and DO IT!!!Because, let’s be honest, resisting is just a waste of time.

Now walk it out

Guatemala personal lesson #1: God casts vision, in the nations, to the multitudes, to the church, in my life. When He does that, He has already set the path, paved the way and provided the resources for that vision to happen.

Guatemala personal lesson #2: Resisting God’s vision is a waste of time, it slows down the process of being blessed by seeing the results of God in motion and of that Gotion (God Motion ~new word) being a blessing to others.

Guatemala personal lesson #3: Being comfortable is not an option any more, I wasn’t made for that.


Please be praying for these two organizations and what they are doing over in Guatemala. I cannot even start to write of their dreams for the country and nothing I say would do them any justice either. For more information, check them out at these links

Believe Guatemala


“For the vision is yet for an appointed time and it hastens to the end [fulfillment]; it will not deceive or disappoint. Though it tarry, wait [earnestly] for it, because it will surely come; it will not be behindhand on its appointed day.” Habakkuk 2:3 [AMP]


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